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April 19, 2019

Workshop: Quantum for Earth Observation

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Quantum Processing of Big Data: from Quantum Computing to Earth Observation

On 3 April 2019 a workshop was held at La Sapienza University in Rome, on the application of Quantum Computing for Earth Observation (with a focus on downstream data exploitation). The workshop had the following aims:

  • Introduce the Quantum Computing and Earth Observation communities (from both research and industry)
  • Explore possible synergies between the two technologies
  • Prepare the ground for the opportunities that will be presented when the quantum community will be able to produce software for quantum-enhanced optimisation problems of direct use in big data management.

The workshop was jointly organised by ESA, the COST Action QTSPace (CA15220) and La Sapienza University of Rome. It was held on the occasion of the Fifth Quantum Technologies Conference

Participants of the Quantum Computing Workshop