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October 22, 2019

Collaboration with MIT

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A group of students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) of Computer Science and Economics and Engineering partnered with the Telecommunications group of the University of Sannio and the Φ-lab to work together on research cases. These students carried out specific projects on cutting-edge issues compared to the state of the art at an international level in the field of engineering, economics, law and biology. The MIT and Unisannio students collaborated on specific projects with Professors from the University of Sannio, as well as with other students, postdoctoral research fellows and PhD candidates to carry out advanced projects on remote sensing and artificial intelligence. All these projects aimed to improve human health and security, ranging from infrastructures and geohazard monitoring, to countries development measurements.

Group photo of MIT student visit to Φ-lab

The idea behind the project was to link students of MIT and University of Sannio, through the commonality of studies that binds humanity across its borders. Three main projects were conducted over a one month period. One of the research activities was to demonstrate a case study of applying proven remote sensing techniques to Natural Capital and compare calculations to UN Natural Capital Calculations, followed by investigations on applications of remote sensing to assess Human Capital and Manufactured Capital. Another research project aimed at classifying landslides with Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data, and a third research project focused on utilising Sentinel-1 images for infrastructure monitoring.

Workflow of MIT and Φ-lab collaboration project. Credits: ESA.