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May 13, 2021

Φ-week 2021 – Save the Date

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The European Space Agency is organising the fourth edition of Φ-week on 11–15 October 2021. This year main theme will be the Earth Observation New Space economy and its associated innovations. The event will be virtual and free-to-attend for the public and in person for the invited speakers. The calls for proposals for Side Events, e-Posters and the e-Exhibition are already opened.

The fourth edition of ESA Φ-week will be organised virtually from 11 to 15 October 2021 and in person for invited speakers, COVID permitting. As in the past editions, this event will focus on how to accelerate the future of Earth Observation (EO), on presenting recent developments in EO Open Science and latest trends in EO markets, on exploring bold and transformative ideas that ESA’s Φ-lab and Data Applications Division support and scale up along with researchers, start-up’s, industry and private investors.

The main theme of Φ-week 2021 is the New Space economy and associated innovations. The sessions, posters and side-events will highlight how the New Space economy is developing in Europe and alongside competition worldwide, and how it contributes to the EU Green Deal, Digital Europe Programme, Destination Earth initiative, UN SDGs, and in general to the EU Space Strategy and the European space sector.

EO New Space is indeed a global trend of emerging investment and entrepreneurial philosophy that, together with key technological advancements, is enabling a private space industry largely driven by commercial motivations and will eventually evolve into EO Commercial Space. This trend is transforming several space economy sectors, for example providing small and recoverable launchers making space more accessible, delivering rich and affordable information from space, and providing internet access worldwide based on satellite constellations.

Φ-week will include inspiring talks, key sessions, roundtables, side events and other initiatives that aim to connect a multi-disciplinary community, including EO downstream and upstream world market leaders, researchers, Earth scientists, non-space companies, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, start-up’s and innovators, New Space operators, private investors, ICT players, ESA, Member States and EC representatives.

The calls for proposals for Side Events, e-Posters and the e-Exhibition are opened until 31 May and available here.

The detailed programme and all relevant information and updates will be published in the coming days on the official website:

Stay tuned!

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