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October 01, 2020

Φ-week 2020

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Replay the livestream of ESA’s ɸ-week, which brought together leading scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to discuss and brainstorm scientific and technological opportunities brought by the concept of Digital Twin Earth.

Over the course of the past three days, more than 1900 people virtually attended ɸ-week 2020 and participated in over 800 meetings online discussing how Earth observation data, along with in situ measurements, advanced models and artificial intelligence, can contribute to the concept of Digital Twin Earth – an interactive digital replica of our planet.

The event kicked off with an exciting announcement from ESA’s Director of Earth Observation Programmes, Josef Aschbacher, on quantum computing, updates on the ɸ-sat-1 mission and inspiring statements from ECMWF’S Director General, Florence Rabier, European Commission’s Deputy Director General for Defence Industry and Space, Pierre Delsaux, as well as Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission, Roberto Viola.

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